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Search results

  1. $500 deposit to reserve Integra Type S on Acura.com starting May

    lol I'm going for one! Wish me luck as it's the same time as my graduation!
  2. Price / Value Poll (2024 Integra Type S)

    If I could buy a CTR at MSRP, I'd get it, but all local dealers want 15k above MSRP if not more, but I can get a ITS at MSRP. It ends up costing me at least 8k less than a CTR.
  3. Type S Deposits & Your Color Combos ?

    My plan is primarily Black/red Or white/red
  4. Introducing the 2024 Acura Integra Type S! On Sale in June

    Didn't the Goodwood unveiling show that they are in fact body molded but made to look tacked on?