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  1. Remote start for manuals?

    Just curious if anyone has installed any aftermarket remote start systems to their manual transmission Integra & if so what are they & your experiences with them? Thanks!
  2. Acura wins 3rd Consecutive Rolex w/ New Prototype

  3. Anti-gravity battery anyone?

    Has anyone used or plan on trying one of these in their Civic or Integra? I’ve heard of them in both race & daily applications. Only 8-16.5 lbs. Curious especially from any who has experience with these. https://antigravitybatteries.com/products/starter-batteries/automotive/ag-51r-rs/
  4. Custom Grill Options - Calling all Michigan/Indiana owners especially - Help?

    Good afternoon gents. I’ve been chatting with Matt from Custom Car Grills. Please see the attached screenshot. Is there anyone willing to help progress something like this faster by either having the hook up on extra parts that he can communicate with or live anywhere near the Grand Rapids...