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  1. 2023 Integra vs Mazda 3 Turbo review by Savagegeese

    @2:53, does anyone else have a colored interface in the infotainment system? Mine is all black and white. And what is cabintalk? has there been system update?
  2. Cargo net

    I bought the cargo organizer and really love it for grocery/shopping bags. easy to install and can collapse when not in use.
  3. Android Auto

    I have similar issues when using wireless Android Auto with two different phones (pixel 6 and pixel 7). I've tried deleting the phone from the car, resetting the infotainment system and they generally haven't worked for me. The only thing I found to work when this happens every few months is...
  4. Unlock all doors when grabbing driver's door handle?

    there must be bug in mine - I've tried the default setting and the other setting and the other doors won't unlock when the driver's door does. :confused:
  5. Unlock all doors when grabbing driver's door handle?

    I did and changing the option doesn't do anything: Auto door unlock Changes the setting for when the doors and the hatch automatically unlock. All doors when driver’s door opens*1/All doors when shifted to Park/All doors when ignition switched OFF/OFF Am curious if someone else can...
  6. Unlock all doors when grabbing driver's door handle?

    I think I remember when I first got the car I could just grab the driver's door handle and all doors would unlock, and now it doesn't seem to do that. Maybe it's my memory, but I swear it used to behave this way. Does anyone know if this is possible? Here's the page from the manual that only...
  7. Thinking of changing out the speakers in the A-Spec

    Do you think they all are? Kind of disappointing considering how they market it as "a state-of-the-art audio system"
  8. Vanity Light LED conversion

    vleds.com is awesome, they shipped them out fast and I already installed them. It turned out nice! Thanks for posting this as I would have had trouble locating a replacement bulb.
  9. Vanity Light LED conversion

    Lol - it bothered me so much that these were the only non-LED lights on the car. I like how yours came out. Does the color temperature you chose match the rest of the LED interior lights? I'm thinking about doing this too. Can you share the link the specific product you purchased? Is it...