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  1. Integra Aftermarket Exhaust Options and Videos [Thread]

    The answer is horsepower and torque. The OEM catted downpipe is very restrictive. Once we go to a larger more free-flowing unit we can improve spool and turbo response and see a big bump in torque.
  2. What do you want in your performance intake system

    Good news for you we only use non-oiled synthetic filters.
  3. Big brake upgrade

    We have a full kit for the Integra, you can read more about that here. https://store.27won.com/2022-honda-civic-big-brake-kit.html
  4. Integra Aftermarket Exhaust Options and Videos [Thread]

    I will start, We offer a full turbo back exhaust option for the Integra. downpipe, front-pipe, and front-pipe back. Check out details here. https://store.27won.com/2022-civic-si-front-pipe-back-exhaust.html
  5. What do you want in your performance intake system

    I want to know what you guys want. If we could have our cake and eat it too we would want all the things. But when you are starting a handful of intakes and you need to pull the trigger on one, what is that ultimate decision factor for you?
  6. Aftermarket Performance Mods Wishlist

    So I am glad you brought this up and people are talking about it. Is it more important that the intake is loud and sounds good over performance or do you guys put power first even if it results in a very quiet intake?
  7. Aftermarket Performance Mods Wishlist

    We are developing many parts for the Integra like our intake, turbo, and intercooler parts, but I want to ask what you guys want to see for the new DE4? Everything is on the table.
  8. 27WON Performance Exhaust for Acura Integra Confirmed

    Hey everyone, happy to share with you the launch of the 27WON performance exhaust for the 2023 Acura Integra. This is available as a front-pipe back only or you can purchase a complete turbo back exhaust system from us. We are the only company to offer you guys a full Turbo back system...
  9. ONCE A YEAR HOLIDAY SALE LIVE NOW ( 6 days only)!!!

    It’s happening right now! It starts today! You’ve asked for it! Only a limited time to get our 🔥🔥🔥 items of the season at sick sale prices you won't see again. Quantities are limited to stock on hand. Once we’re out, these deals are gone for good.
  10. 1.5T 2023 Acura Integra Upgraded Turbocharger Development from 27WON

    we sure will. We have lots of good ones in the works to really share with everyone what we learn.