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Search results

  1. Official LIQUID CARBON Integra Club & Photos

    Thank you. I’ll be paying attention to this.
  2. Official LIQUID CARBON Integra Club & Photos

    I'm very interested in the hitch. Probably for the same reason, judging by both of our pictures.
  3. My New 2023 Integra (Performance Red / Orchid) 6MT!

    Damn! I normally am not a fan of red cars, it looks great! Is there any color this car doesn't look good in?
  4. AHC Garage 2023 Integra build

    I saw the new video today. Keep em coming.
  5. Acura Integra Type S spy shots! [Updated w/ pics showing wider fenders and triple exhaust tips]

    I agree. I love the Integra. I was originally set on the Civic Si until I went and looked at the Integra in person. Then I drove the Integra, and the only way I would now buy a Civic is at MSRP which we all know is not gonna happen.
  6. AHC Garage 2023 Integra build

    More videos, please. I know you're not done with this build.