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  1. Anyone see a crack in paint like this?

    I've never seen this before. It looks like some type of glue or filler was painted over and the paint cured before the glue did making it crack. On the inside of the door of the rear driver side. Going to show it to the dealer when I get the maintenance but huh??
  2. Came home to see something unfortunate

    In my apartment's private lot. If I parked any farther from the line I'd be on the curb....no note or anything. I put a sign up next to it in case the neighbors saw anything to contact me. Anyone know of a good body shop in the Bay Area? Looks like the scuffs will buff out the panels easy but...
  3. Loud clunking from front suspension

    Drove it a couple days ago and it was fine. Started it up today and it makes a loud clunking/mechanical popping from the front end. Any known failures like this could be the source? Car handles fine and a spot check behind the wheel looked ok. Sound clip below
  4. Found a Friend

    Drove past this DC2 and noticed we both were headed to the same place. Found it parked next to me when I got back to my car. =]
  5. Weight of the stock 18" tire/wheel combo?

    Anybody get a chance to do this yet?
  6. Have you experienced driving over speed bumps lately?

    Something I noticed quickly since CA has aggressive speed bumps every 10 ft in every parking lot. You can really feel the impact when it hits the rears. And I'm assuming it is because the stiffer rear end and thinner tires. But damn, It's comical at times, I wish the adaptive dampers mitigated...
  7. Front plate mount alternative options?

    I can't imagine it on mine. Anyone have a pic with a front plate attached or know of alternative mounts that don't require drilling?