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  1. Integra Emissions System Problem

    1500 miles since code has been cleared and it's never reappeared. Only fill up at Sunoco or shell by me. Hope acura figures this out
  2. 2023 Integra vs Mazda 3 Turbo review by Savagegeese

    My wife was considering a Mazda hatch 2 years ago. We checked it out and there's literally no space in there. You can't see anything out the back, and while the power is nice the car just isn't that engaging. I feel like Mazda is over hyped in my opinion. We had a Mazda cx5 and it got so much...
  3. Integra Emissions System Problem

    I'm at 1000 miles so far after code has been cleared and not issues so far. Ltft and stft normal. Oddly enough I told my wife not to use the 7/11 gas station and she went against my advice and her car is not starting 😐
  4. Integra Emissions System Problem

    That was my first guess. Fuel was trapped but then fuel trims had me thinking. On 400 miles since I reset the code and no cel and fuel trims between -5 & 0
  5. Integra Emissions System Problem

    Keep us updated and if you can watch your fuel trims specifically long term. If it goes past -10/+10 let me know
  6. Integra Emissions System Problem

    Never got it repaired but did my own testing
  7. Integra Emissions System Problem

    O ok. So it can potentially pop back up for me. I'll keep am eye on this thread and update if the problem comes back
  8. Integra Emissions System Problem

    How quickly did it return?
  9. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    I usually do check but I haven't this time but my usual mpg on the trip is 30-31. Because of the check engine light I've been driving on comfort nomore than 3000k shifts
  10. Integra Emissions System Problem

    Curious if you went to a gas station you always use or a random one before this cel presented
  11. Integra Emissions System Problem

    Did you throw the same codes? If you did I wonder what your fuel trims were
  12. Integra Emissions System Problem

    It's been 200 miles so far, no cel and fuel trims back to normal.
  13. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    After my recent cel, which you can check out my findings in the issues section of the forum, I recent my trip and babies the car so far for 200 miles and my avg is 36.2 so not to shabby
  14. Integra Emissions System Problem

    Just had this issue pop up my car 5 days ago. I remembered this thread. Now before the cel I did something I don't normally do. I filled up at a mom and pop gas station because I was very low and in a rush to get to work. 2 days later this code popped up. P02455, p02456. I decided to check my...
  15. Acura Integra is 2023 North American Car of the Year!

    Good Job acura! Hopefully dealers don't use this to their advantage and increase the pricing
  16. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    Nice. Range of 380 miles on full tank means your most likely getting like 30-31mpg. On a full tank I never see 380. Somewhere around 360 but I've been driving hard.
  17. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    It's okay to use 87 in situations where 91 or 93 isn't available but do not race your car with 87. 87 can introduce knock which in short can cause your engine to blow. Knock control creeps up pretty quickly on this car even when on 93, so if your spirited driver and you bang 5000-6500 on the reg...
  18. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    1500 miles after my oil change in October. 31.3 mostly stop and go traffic, and city plus multiple 30-80 runs
  19. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    After a fresh oil change in October. I reset trip and out of 1450 miles I'm getting 31.2 mpg and I don't baby the car at all. I shift at 3500 rpm, always in sport, did those two test videos and each video i did 25-80mph runs about 10 times each. Super happy with the mpg I get. If I baby it I'm...
  20. Ridiculously Low MPG, Whats going on!

    28 miles is too small to guage what your mpg is. Like others have said reset one of your trip meters and then wait until your next fill up and see what your numbers are. Whe I first got my car my mpg stated 12mpg with 8miles on. I never reset it and now have 4700 miles and avg mpg is 29.9...