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  1. Stiff steering wheel

    Not sure if your issue relates, but have you seen this thread?
  2. Transmission Engagement

    If you are referring to the automatic engine stop when in neutral, I’d agree that it made learning this thing harder. I’ve developed a habit of leaving the clutch in until I’ve decided whether I’m going to be stopped long enough to kill the engine.
  3. Transmission Engagement

    I’ve learned that shifting at lower rpms or waiting for the rpm to drop, smooths my shift into second. I believe the latter is related to rev hang.
  4. Transmission Engagement

    Very little. This is the first MT I’ve owned.
  5. Transmission Engagement

    Thanks for the info. no clunks or any concerning sounds. It is light throttle and your theory about the rocking affecting my throttle pressure makes sense. I don’t think it’s a car issue and happens quite rarely. Just happy to have a plausible explanation.
  6. Transmission Engagement

    Shifting into first from neutral after a stop. Trying to accelerate but the car isn’t having it. No noises that I can hear other than the pitch of the engine going up and down in time with the lurching.
  7. Transmission Engagement

    One thing to add. It might be a coincidence but it seems more likely to happen if there’s a depression in the road after a stop sign.
  8. Transmission Engagement

    Pretty sure this is driver error, but could someone explain why the car might rock back and forth after shifting into first as if the transmission hasn’t fully engaged? Its like the power is there, then it’s not, then it is, etc. Maybe I nearly stalled it? Shifting into second resolves the...
  9. Sticky/Jerky Steering issue

    I was referring to your post in this thread: https://www.integraforums.com/forum/threads/how-to-turn-off-lane-assist.50693/post-825048 I had assumed that thread was related to the warning that you get from lane departure, and not the LKAS system, but maybe I misunderstood.
  10. Sticky/Jerky Steering issue

    Interesting. And I saw that you have the lane departure system disabled from another thread. I wonder if there's a fault that would cause the force-feedback to engage unexpectedly. I also wonder if there's a way to further disable the steering wheel feedback other than the menu option, which...
  11. Sticky/Jerky Steering issue

    I’ve not experienced this issue, but from the descriptions I’ve wondered whether it feels similar to the lane departure resistance but without the dash warnings?
  12. Black rear emblem

    Dammit. Just had mine installed. You might be right!
  13. Trunk stuck? Cold weather related?

    I haven’t yet. I have a 2-strike rule with problems like this.
  14. Trunk stuck? Cold weather related?

    Gotcha. In my case the proximity sensor didn’t immediately open the door and neither did the button on the key fob. After a minute or two of fumbling in the cold it decided to open.
  15. Trunk stuck? Cold weather related?

    I can't recall whether I could depress the button. Will pay more attention if/when it happens again.
  16. Trunk stuck? Cold weather related?

    Pressing the unlock button on the door handle you mean?
  17. Trunk stuck? Cold weather related?

    I have the stock spoiler and I've experienced the trunk issue. I've also had the driver's door not respond to the key fob. In both cases, I remember them opening after a minute or two without intervention.
  18. Manual shifter question

    I'm still learning this thing, but usually after 3k. I've been more focused on rev hang and not shaking the car, less on shifter-feel. If I have someone else with me, I've found it better to shift earlier, closer to 2k.
  19. Manual shifter question

    Hard to say without experiencing it. Does it feel the same if you shift at lower vs higher RPM? From personal experience, shifts sometimes feel very smooth, and sometimes feel "notchy" as some youtube reviews described. I can't recall whether the difference in feel aligns with a specific gear.
  20. Frozen Integra (TPMS and Brake System)

    My door temporarily decided it didn't want to unlock in -25f windchill yesterday. It resolved itself before I went frozen goblin mode.