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  1. Center Console Facelift w/ VViVid honeycomb pattern wrap and Acuity Poco shift knob

    Wrapped with VViVid Honeycomb Pattern and added Acuity Poco shift knob. Have Sirimoto Krispy shift bushings and adapter installed. Much better than the piano black. Plan to wrap steering wheel surround next. Take your time and use heat.
  2. 3D Printed FK8 Shift Knob Adapter

    Hi All - I purchased an OEM FK8 Honda Civic Type R Aluminum Shift Knob 2017-19 and found it did not thread on properly so I decided to print an adapter. Admittedly, it still did not thread on properly but nothing a few washers did not fix and now it is solid. I have two versions of the...
  3. Redline Tuning Hood Struts

    Hey All - First post here with my new Integra. I am a fan of the redline hood struts on previous vehicles. I ordered THIS KIT for the 11th Gen Civic from them during their Black Friday deal. Easy install and no drilling; removing the hood insulation was the worst part. Feel free to PM me...