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Search results

  1. How to Remove Skid Plate for Oil Change

    Yesterday I tried to remove the skid plate to gain access for running the power wire for my trailer wiring harness and failed miserably. I got the 4 quarter turn fasteners out and the two Phillips head ones in back. I also managed to pry the plastic clips out of the rear, but couldn't get the...
  2. **SOLD** FS Etsy CF Center Console Overly for Manual Integras **SOLD**

    Greetings, I have for sale one of the Etsy CF overlays for a manual transmission 2023 Integra. I bought it before I realized exactly what it was. When I received it I decided to go a different, more labor intensive direction. It does look pretty good in place, I just couldn't get over my...
  3. Hard Mount Device Holder (i.e. for GPS device)

    I'm a bit weird insofar as I prefer to use a dedicated GPS instead of Android Auto. I like to have the GPS on all the time, mostly for the traffic information it provides in the very traffic dense Northern VA area where I live. Of course, just thinking about how to mount it to the Integra...
  4. No Rear Wiper/Washer

    Technically, it's a hatchback, but effectively it's more of a lift or sportback, depending on what you want to call it. If anyone has driven in rain/on wet roads, did the back window stay mostly clean, like it would in a sedan, or did you find yourself wishing it had a rear wiper?
  5. Question About Gauges

    Is there a way to hide the analog speedometer? With a digital speedo top middle of the display and on the heads up if used, the analog one is redundant and useless. That space would be better used to display ancillary info like gas mileage/trip info, etc. I know that can be displayed in the...