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  1. Updates on my PWP Integra

    After reaching out to Axion industries and speaking with Aaron from PRL , decided to run the Cobra Cold air intake , its amazing. I thought about waiting for the HV intake that's in r&d and might eventually go that route but I'm extremely happy with the way it's all turned out.
  2. Upgraded my 2023 Integra w/ PRL intercooler, charge pipe, and down pipe

    Thanks to Aaron Chernok from PRLmotorsports and Michael Hinton at axion industries for the quick delivery of the parts. Added the PRL intercooler, charge pipe upgrade, and down pipe . I'm extremely happy with the performance and sound. The factory exhaust has come alive as well as the motor. I...
  3. 2023 PWP Integra lowered with Eibach springs on Mugen MDC 19" wheels

    Finally done lowered on eibach sportline springs courtesy of Michael Hinton , Integra strut bar from PRL and Mugen MDC 19/8.5 with a 45 offset, Nitto 555 tires , carbon fiber roof wrap with gloss black fin! Rides amazing no rubbing in comfort mode doesn't feel like it's even lowered . Now for...
  4. Picked up both our Integras Friday. First mods made

    Im happy to be home with mine and my wife's Integra's started off flying to Boston and going to herb Connolly Acura. Jimmy Goon had everything done and taken care of when we got there 20 minutes to sign the lines and rolled out, 10.5 hours , 9 states and two over night pit stops we're home and...