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  1. Magnaflow exhaust installed (w/ sound clip video)

    Magnaflow used my car for R&D and let me say it looks amazing and sounds amazing! Video bellow, no exact release date yet from Magnaflow. I drove it home from Ocenside to central California and i can infact say the drone is almost non existent other than when accelerating going up hill...
  2. No SOS button?

    So im having an issue with my Acura app syncing to the car, it doesn't want to "verify" gets stuck on that screen... Dealership told me to press the blue button on the roof buy the sunroof controls like every other Acura has....but guess what its missing on these cars. Anyone else notice that...
  3. Aftermarket Wheel options

    Anyone start looking for aftermarket wheels? Im thinking about staying with an 18" and using the OEM tire for now with an 18x8.5 35 offset, thinking that might be a good fitment but I have no clue honestly....
  4. Brought her home! Liquid Carbon A-Spec Integra

    Brought her home yesterday and today on my birthday spent the morning polishing and applying a ceramic coating and just look at it shine, im in love! Tried to upload a video but it keeps telling me its to large