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Search results

  1. Front lip added 😏

    good thing about vinyl, you can rip it off and try again
  2. Front lip added 😏

    Love it!
  3. Front lip added 😏

    Understandable lol
  4. Front lip added 😏

    Looks good! any thoughts about painted it gloss black?
  5. Poor dry/wet traction stock tires

    Since I live in the land of forever summer, one of my first upgrades is going to be switching over to Pilot Sport 4S tires
  6. Liquid Carbon 2023 Integra gets OEM accessories installed

    Love the rear diffuser! did you install it yourself? If so, how was the install?
  7. My Liquid carbon 2023 Integra on Rays CE28 aftermarket wheels

    can’t wait to see, 0.8”does seem like the perfect drop do you know how the eibach pro spring rates compare to OEM springs?
  8. Is it only me?

    You may want to call the dealership and see what’s going on
  9. Factory OEM Accessories Installed on Performance Red Pearl 2023 Integra

    generally not a fan of red exterior cars but damn that looks good. Love the black emblems all around and the diffuser looks great too
  10. Ktuner for 2023 Integra is live!

    can you disable rev hang like you can on the Si unit?
  11. My Integra w/A Spec & Tech package in Platinum White - Video

    ouch, sorry about the wheels. Some dealerships have a guy that will repair them question about the seat back protector, did you install it yourself? If so, how does it attach to the seat? thanks!
  12. Accessories: to choose or not to choose?

    so far I'm thinking about front and rear black A-Mark emblems and the illuminated door sill trim. I'm not a fan of the look of the splash guards, why do you guys see it as a must have?
  13. Very Poor 2023 Integra 6MT Gas Mileage?

    which tune are you running?
  14. AHC Garage 2023 Integra build

    have my car ordered through them, glad you had a good experience
  15. My Build “ Harley Quinn” PWP ASPEC Tech with Red Guts❤️

    Looking good! where did you get the license plate from?
  16. 27WON Launches Suite of 5th gen Integra parts

    Any plans on bringing the Si exhaust over?
  17. Integra Merch?

    I was looking to, I was hoping for at least a key chain or a cool license plate but nada