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  1. Choppy throttle response normal when driving at low speeds?

    Runnin is on with his estimate. I've also found that Drive mode makes a difference. Response is smoother in comfort and more on/off in Sport mode.
  2. 2023+ Acura Integra Aftermarket Parts Support by PRO Import Tuners

    Welcome to the site! We've got huge interest in customization and enhancements. Lots of aftermarket support already. Keep bringing the new and exciting!
  3. Accessories: to choose or not to choose?

    Umm, here's my list Black out badges There's not much chrome on my White A-Spec so I like the change - A colleague said my front end was murdered-out. Protective film on handles and rear sill. Splash guards and body side molding. - I'm not very consistent about washing the car, and I think...
  4. Very Poor 2023 Integra 6MT Gas Mileage?

    OK, gas mileage story. For 18 years I drove a Saab station wagon 2.3 turbo. 185hp; 220torques. The car was very responsive, but I was usually gentle on the throttle. I'd get 29 mpg on the highway staying under 70 mph. When it was a couple years old, I bought an 18' boat and towed it...
  5. Would you have paid more for a coupe?

    Very interesting! I got rid of a "better" car because it was a coupe. When I bought my 2013 BMW 128I I thought I would keep it 20 years. A fantastic car, but they don't sell the 5-door in the US, so here I am with an Acura. That configuration with the hatch is my preference. I would not have...
  6. New thoughts on competitive profile

    Acura and the media talk about comparisons to Mercedes CLA, Audi A3, and BMW 2. I'm gonna challenge that. I feel that dimension has been overlooked when determining the competition. Exterior size and interior space is what I use to group vehicles together. I'm not saying that drive wheels...
  7. Picked up my 6MT Apex Blue Integra today!

    Nice looking garage! Thanks for the review. I'm struggling with the parking break too, I'm a month and 1000 miles in.
  8. So much hate for this car! Are you disappointed with your purchase?

    I am a youthful (lol) 61 and sold a BMW 128i to get my Integra. The Bimmer is a big step up in driving dynamics, and not worth more than the Acura like your C8. But I wanted the convenience of the hatch, plus it's easier to get in and out of. And honestly offers so much fun. I never used...
  9. Trailer Hitch?

    So funny. I guess not everyone needs a "bro" truck to tow. On the hitch fitment, I read elsewhere that you had to cut away a bit of the bumper cover.
  10. QC / Paint / Body Panel Gap Issues

    I'm seeing some panel gap variances. I don't have pics. I wish they weren't there, but I'm not bothered by it. I haven't noticed any paint issues, I might not feel the same way about those.
  11. Is an Acura ILX really competition?

    We all know the Integra replaced the ILX in the Acura lineup, and it is a reasonable successor, being based on the latest Honda platform. But much of the excitement for the Integra revolves around dumping the boring three letter name, and resurrecting the incredibly popular Integra name, and all...
  12. Intro and Tire question

    This is my eighth new car. The best was probably the 2019 RDX Advance. Second probably 2002 Saab 9-5. Saab's longer wheelbase made for the best ride, and the RDX was the quietest. It has something called acoustic glass, and I hear a difference. The Integra does everything well, but it's not...
  13. Pets and Upholstery Wear

    I bought a rear seat cover from 4Knines and have been happy with the result. Don't use it that often though. So far in the Integra, I just dropped the seat and gave my dog the full rear area. Just had him with me one time so far.
  14. Delivered white a-spec mt 😍😍😍

    Nice pics! I really like the way you picked up the pearl finish. Very sparkly!
  15. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    Hey Josh - What I'm referring to is max boost. The turbo is always spinning, but obviously you know when you are running at max boost. I believe my Integrar is built to be run hard and last a long time. But I don't want to run hard when it's cold, and I don't want to run hard and then shut it...
  16. Seeking advice on Integra (rev-matching & view)

    So I agree with Robb about the first concern. It is something you can get used to. And I see it as a plus too. BUT, visibility out of the car is very important for driver satisfaction. If you don't like it, keep test driving and see if it is worth the trade off. I bet there would be less in...
  17. Sunroof wind noise

    FWIW, I crack one or both of the rears with the sunroof open and feels better to me.
  18. She’s here! 2023 Acura Integra Liquid Carbon/Red with Accessories!

    Nice package, first time seeing those wheels on a car. Fantastic, all the way around! Congrats!
  19. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    I've heard talk and found it in the owners manual. Avoid WOT for the first 1000k, 600 miles. During the first 600 miles (1,000 km) of operation, avoid sudden acceleration or full throttle operation so as not to damage the engine or powertrain. Page 438 That's what I'm doing. But I honestly...
  20. Delivered vehicle not matching the reservation

    I think there's two valid points. The Integra rollout has been fairly successful compared to some of the other ones that have been going on. And I'm not saying that to minimize what Sean has dealt with. Every customer counts. Somebody clearly dropped the ball on this deal, but no one...