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  1. Very Poor 2023 Integra 6MT Gas Mileage?

    There's also a nice video on hypermileing doing pulse and glide techniques where I've gotten 40+ mpg but that's driving in the slow lane on the frwy and it's just tough to do but the mpg is amazing
  2. Very Poor 2023 Integra 6MT Gas Mileage?

    I'm getting around 27 after the flashpro stock tune and mixed driving but on the frwy 75-90 mph
  3. Integra July 2022 Sales Figures - Tops 1,400 Units For 2nd Straight Month

    I also haven't seen another one. Although I mistaken a tlx for one I looks similar. The fog lights gave it away. What part of AZ I got Mines on the 4th from Scottsdale and I drive all over too have 3300 miles or so so far
  4. Rpm gauage going crazy

    The Guage was also hitting the redline I just did not capture that in time
  5. Rpm gauage going crazy

    I just filled up at the pump and shortly after about a few minutes my rpm Guage was going crazy. I attached a YouTube video. When I turned off the car and restarted it went back to normal but was very weird. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. Android Auto Apps

    AAAD is the name of the app I downloaded and vmos pro for Netflix to work through screen to auto. Vmos pro took some playing around with to get the right os for Netflix to work and be downloaded
  7. Android Auto Apps

    Sorry for the background audio. I got these apps running on the head unit. Check out the video.
  8. Picked up my 6MT Apex Blue Integra today!

    Nice I like the hud for navigation and the spped limit display and the green lines for lkas and the parking brake is way different and I still forget to press it in the right direction when putting it on or taking it off 😂. Congrats on the car!
  9. The Tuned 2023+ Integra Experience & Reliability Thread

    Vehicle: 2023 Integra A-Spec w/technology (manual) Total tuned time: today 1 day Tuned miles driven: 10 Tuning device(s) used: flashpro Tunes used: 250 fpt /238hp Fuel used: 91 octane Additional related mods: none Problems/issues: None Driving style: highway and city driving after 1st...
  10. Hondata releases FlashPro for the 1.5 Integra

    I flashed my tune today with the flashpro I don't really feel a whole lot different but then again not sure if I did it correctly 🤦‍♂️ all I know is Android auto stopped working and I had to factory reset the head unit to get my phone with android auto working again. There's not a lot of info on...
  11. Hondata releases FlashPro for the 1.5 Integra

    Ordered mine with overnight shipping last night so excited that you don't need to send in the ecu that's so inconvenient. Can't wait to see and feel the difference
  12. Hondata releases FlashPro for the 1.5 Integra

    FLAT-FOOT SHIFTING allows you to keep your foot flat on the accelerator while changing gear, so as to minimise gearchange time and keep engine speed and torque up in preparation for the next gear. It is also possible to adjust the torque to maximise power when engaging the next gear.
  13. Official APEX BLUE PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    I bought this on July 4th after my 02 rsx took a dump I've had the 2012 si sedan and the 2014 ilx 6spd Mt and loved them both this is a lot more safety features than both of those the car can practically drive itself on the freeway. I paid full price plus 5k in accessories it was the dealer demo...