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  1. My New 2023 Integra (Performance Red / Orchid) 6MT!

    Thanks for the pics, it looks fantastic! I'm expecting my red MT in September and I'm torn on whether go with the black emblems, both options look great! Looking forward to an awesome road trip.
  2. Factory OEM Accessories Installed on Performance Red Pearl 2023 Integra

    Thanks for sharing! Really wanted to see the black emblems on red.
  3. Resale options for stock wheels?

    Thanks! I hadn't thought of a winter wheel, rather than just changing the tires. What you said about Honda owners also makes sense.
  4. Resale options for stock wheels?

    I'm considering an upgrade to the 19in glint black wheels (paired with performance red) but I'm wondering what to do with the stock 18s? Garage space is somewhat at a premium, and I don't like the idea of storing them eternally. It doesn't sound like the dealership will take them, is there a...
  5. Color Poll Liquid Carbon vs Performance Red

    Yeah it's tough, the grey looks very sharp on an individual unit, but when I see them all together like that, just makes me think that the world needs more color haha
  6. Color Poll Liquid Carbon vs Performance Red

    I can confirm the sparkle on white. Took a test drive in a white unit, and it was spectacular.
  7. Color Poll Liquid Carbon vs Performance Red

    That's awesome. I've definitely learned that you have to see the colors in person!
  8. Color Poll Liquid Carbon vs Performance Red

    I've got my money down on a red, but like the OP, I think I'd be happy with whichever came first. An LC with red (very nice) was delivered to the dealership while I was there and it's making me think twice! 🤷‍♂️