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  1. She’s here! 2023 Acura Integra Liquid Carbon/Red with Accessories!

    Can you see the lighting from the illuminated door sill when the door is closed? and also hows the quality compared to the original metal sill plate. Is the illuminated one plastic?
  2. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    Did you drive the automatic or the manual?
  3. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    For thr people you have test driven, hiw is the road noise?
  4. NFT: Not-Fun2b Taken

    I got one too not long ago. .Acura must be passing on the nfts from the people who canceled their pre-order.
  5. Integra Type-S Predictions - PLACE YOUR BETS!!!

    Th I believe I read that the yellow was in homage to the ITR
  6. 2023 Integra Production Officially Kicks Off at Marysville Auto Plant! [Video Added]

    The white in the video is such a milky white. If I had the opportunity to pick from all the colors, White exterior with the ivory interior would probably be the choice. I feel like thats a combo only a few people will go with.
  7. Integra Type-S Predictions - PLACE YOUR BETS!!!

    The only way I see a Type-S integra happening is it having a completely unique engine to Acuras current line-up. Maybe 250 hp tops. Otherwise its gonna compete with the TLX too much. The other side of the coin would be manual only versions of either the TLX or TLX Type S.
  8. NFT: News, Facts, Thoughts

    I got am email today too. Those acuraverse conditions is some read lol . It made me look up what Arbitration is
  9. GTI

    This is my thinking too. GTI or Integra. I go back and forth pretty much everyday. There was an auto GTI near me but I refused to drive it once I saw it wasn't stick. I sorta wish I had. The weird black mustach on the GTIs front bumper bothers me more than the lack of buttons but getting...