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Search results

  1. HUD question

    It’s ambient light triggered from what I can tell.
  2. She’s here! 2023 Acura Integra Liquid Carbon/Red with Accessories!

    I still can’t get on board with the red interior. I know the pictures suck compared to how it looks in person, but there’s just something about it that pushes me to the ebony interior. I’d be too worried it will look dated down the road.
  3. Interactive Online Owner's Manual For 2023 Integra

    It almost seems like this was made to be viewed on the head unit.
  4. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    I don’t see that you mentioned it but your car has the same issue mine does (although opposite sides). The bumper and tire fender has a bad alignment issue. The panel gaps are about 1/8” off.
  5. Honda Hack for the HU?

    Is Honda Hack a thing still? I haven't touched it since 10th gen Civics. Are 11th gen/Integra's hackable yet to sideload APKs or gain root? Would be nice to sideload some better audio players/plexamp.
  6. Golf Clubs test fit in Integra hatch / trunk (photo)

    How about just in the back seat?