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  1. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Almost broken in (800km) first road trip next week!
  2. The Tuned 2023+ Integra Experience & Reliability Thread

    Yall aint worried about warranties out of the gate? I was thinking to wait awhile.
  3. 16 Speakers?

    Second this I honestly feel like nothing is coming out of the top even when i put my ear to them, despite that the system sounds great overall.
  4. Seeking advice on Integra (rev-matching & view)

    Yea so the Hood view is a plus definitely. in my books. Also let down by the engine breaking a bit but thats fine can use breaks too.
  5. How to protect suede

    Have not looked into it specifically, but the dealer put on some sort of fabric protector and are "warrantying it for 10 years" I trust it for now.
  6. Night-time Interior Pics

    Where is your footwell light coming from? I have the same car and haven't seen one myself.
  7. Insurance cost

    Clean driving record - Over 25 - Canada Lowest I could find and went for was $150/mo they had to add the car in the system and get back to me next day. Because the car is fresh on the market???? $2000 minimum deductible. Other places i tried that were usually compareable were as high as...
  8. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    I gotta be a better night photographer like you loool. Here is a couple from last night, her lighting inside and out is absolutely gorgeous.
  9. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Looking great, These are Acura window visors? could you do more angles of pics on them specifically? Do they function well? what is the function? lol. Im going to go out for some night shots tonight.
  10. Night-time Interior Pics

    I can take some pictures When i pick mine up tomorrow.
  11. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Test drove and signed today, picking up Thursday. Dealership forced an "environmental package" i.e Ceramic coat, interior treatment, undercoating and rust inhibitor for $2500. Will be posting tons of photos and videos and experiences once shes home. :D