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  1. Acura Care pricing?

    If you were to use it 1 time, you've paid the difference by paying the $100 deductible. I don't intend to buy an extended warranty at all, but if I were going to - for the price difference - the $0 deductible is a no brainer.
  2. Night-time Interior Pics

    If you get the logo projectors, do they project out from a lamp under the door, or from the outside handle?
  3. Delivered vehicle not matching the reservation

    If you guys think the Integra rollout is a dumpster fire, you should see the Ford Maverick.. yikes. 8 months so far and still no build date. We have a build week of first week of July for our Integra. Should we reach out and ask to see the list showing our name, trims, transmission?
  4. First Dyno Results For 2023 Integra A-Spec

    This is the video, by the way, I mentioned in your other thread. It does not show any door handle or footwell lighting on their cars during a night drive.
  5. Rear AC vents part kit from 2022 Civic

    Which Civics have rear vents? We have a 22 Touring in the family and it does not.
  6. She’s here! 2023 Acura Integra Liquid Carbon/Red with Accessories!

    Yeah I knew that, I just saw the rest of the pics were of the installed accessories and that one didn't seem to have anything noticeable. The ambient light is standard on the tech.
  7. She’s here! 2023 Acura Integra Liquid Carbon/Red with Accessories!

    What is the accessory here in the pic of the inside passenger door panel?
  8. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    I should have said 26 on the highway, if we take it easy. Around town, more like 18.
  9. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    The 6MT in the G70 is nothing special. The clutch is super weird and nearly impossible to drive smoothly. Also, even with the I4, the G70's efficiency is poor. We average 26mpg if we take it easy.
  10. Night-time Interior Pics

    Okay. It may be too faint to show up in videos I'm seeing posted on Youtube perhaps. Can you possibly post a pic of the exterior illuminated handles?
  11. Night-time Interior Pics

    You car seems to have lights behind door handles in the front and footwell lighting. I have not seen these in videos of other people's new Integras at night. Do you have a lighting option? Or are those separate settings? Was really hoping that was standard. The other videos seem to just show the...
  12. Owner’s Initial Thoughts 250 Miles In

    We are trading our 2019 G70 6MT in on a 2023 Integra 6MT. I thought we'd be the only ones.
  13. Night-time Interior Pics

    I want to see some night photos of the interior as well. We have a 2022 Civic Touring in the family. Interesting to see how much better the Integra is.
  14. Brought her home! Liquid Carbon A-Spec Integra

    California must be rough. We want this exact car - Liquid Carbon/Red ASpec 6MT - and reached out to a local dealer (Chattanooga, TN) 6 days ago. Already have a build date less than a month away. MSRP, no accessories. Didn't have to fight or anything, just what they do. Currently also have a...