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  1. All Season Mats + Trunk Trays - OEM vs Competitors

    I grabbed the same trunk tray, but went with the premium carpet mates over the all seasons. Found on another dealer website that offered a great discount. I might regret not doing the all seasons, but having the ebony interior, the red trim really adds something to interior. They also have no...
  2. AcuraLink -- anybody been able to activate it?

    Make sure car if off when starting set up. The app will tell you to scan vin number located at driver door and then give rest of directions. I had an issue since I already had an old account with Honda link and my email was linked to both.
  3. California Acura Dealers

    If you have a trade, use that as leverage. Get some offers from other dealerships and tell them you’ll sell somewhere else. Do they want to make 3k on the integra or make whatever they’ll sell your trade for.
  4. Golf Clubs test fit in Integra hatch / trunk (photo)

    Fit bag without taking driver out with fold up cart
  5. Golf Clubs test fit in Integra hatch / trunk (photo)

    If you use the indent in on the left side, can easily angle in. I did use my golf towel to avoid any contact from the bottom of the bag with the sub on the right