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  1. Golf Clubs test fit in Integra hatch / trunk (photo)

    For those who are wondering, your clubs will not fit in the trunk with the driver in the bag. Obviously if you want to drop the seats they fit fine, but the bag has to go diagonal and you have to put the driver on the top. This is not the biggest deal, but i am not sure if anyone has tested...
  2. Car came in! Apex Blue Integra A-Spec

    I took delivery of an apex blue six speed yesterday. I needed to go out of state to get it at MSRP (Atlanta is charging 10k or so in markup). I have put around 400 miles on it so far, and here are my initial impressions and order process. Ordering process- I never made a reservation though the...
  3. Integra SH-AWD confirmed? Possibly

    Did anyone see this on Reddit? Looks like a guy Found a dealer leak a blog about the Integra and they reference it being AWD. A redditor archived the article and and was modified shortly after. This short article from a WI Acura dealer mentions SH-AWD availability...
  4. What are our current leaks?

    With the new Integra coming out any month, where are we with assumptions, specs, and other info? here is what I know - 1.5 from the si, but the si is putting down 220 at the fly. Will the teg put down 240 at the fly and advertise 220? -type s is coming in a year and will most likely use the...
  5. Placing Orders

    Hey everyone, I got confirmation last week that the Integra was not in Acura’s ordering system yet. When it does, what is your best strategy for ordering and hopefully not paying a crazy mark up?