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  1. NFT/Not For Takeout: Do you lose it if you change your mind?

    Several people are reporting the same problem over on the Facebook group. I don’t have one so can’t really speak to it, but it seems to be a universal problem.
  2. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    Maybe stay on the boards and wait for the Type S...?
  3. Ktuner for 2023 Integra is live!

    Looking forward to following your installation and thoughts!
  4. Insurance cost

    I'm with LIberty Mutual. Versus my current 2021 Toyota Tacoma 4WD TRD Off-Road, the Integra is $14.66 more per month. That's compared to $16.00 more per month for a WRX and $9.75 more per month for a BRZ. I'm not surprised by the WRX increase but am a bit surprised that the Integra is that much...
  5. 2023 Integra Reviews Are Here (Full List)!

    Love the Throttle House reviews: hope they do one for entertainment value if nothing else...
  6. Dealership Markups

    ^ This.
  7. 2023 Integra Reviews Are Here (Full List)!

    Has Doug DeMuro done a review? I think he and maybe a couple others haven't yet...
  8. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    No ADM, but lots of required add-ons: the All Season Protection Package I A-Spec (splash guards, trunk tray, all-season mats) for $608.50 plus: nitrogen: $89.95 Vehicle theft recovery: $329 Red alert: $499 LoJack: $695 nano ceramic tint (available in 3 different shades): $499 That all adds up...
  9. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    I finally got to test drive the Integra today--a white ASpec Tech 6MT with that gorgeous red interior. As a demo, it had all the add-ons, including black 19" wheels and tires, carbon fiber mirror caps and spoiler, and black badges. Here are my thoughts, in no particular order, based in part on...
  10. Real-World MPG

  11. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    After having a Tacoma with reverse and 1st next to each other and it being really easy to go into reverse instead of 1st, I much prefer reverse adjacent to 6th gear. That’s really because sometimes you have to go into reverse or 1st really quickly from one or the other and having them right next...
  12. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    I believe I heard in a review that the ambient lighting is just one color: white.
  13. 2023 Integra Reviews Are Here (Full List)!

    I'd suggest that's always been the case, even before the reviews. Throw on summer tires and, my take from the reviews, is that it's pretty much the same dynamic as the Civic Si. But yes, you're paying for the luxury. Acura is a luxury brand, after all (or at least premium).
  14. 2023 Integra Accessories & Packages + Prices

    Check the chart at https://acuranews.com/en-US/releases/an-icon-for-the-next-generation-2023-acura-integra-revealed-as-a-premium-performance-gateway-for-a-new-generation.
  15. 2023 Integra Accessories & Packages + Prices

    Aren't the illuminated door sill trims standard on the ASpec Tech trim?
  16. GTI

    I had a 2017 GTI Sport and it was great fun to drive, and also a terrific car for urban driving, even with the 6MT. I traded up to a Tacoma and I’m now looking to going back to something more engaging, hence the Integra. The lack of buttons on the newer models, plus a pretty notable price...
  17. New Z pricing....

    To get the limited-slip diff you have to go to the Performance trim, which is $51K. Crazy—both that price (well, for me anyway) and not including LSD on the base Sport trim.