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Search results

  1. Ambient Lighting

    I haven’t seen much discussion regarding the LED ambient lighting. Obviously it won’t compare with the likes of the TLX or MDX, but a nice premium touch nonetheless. That said, one unfortunate missing item seems to be wireless garage door controls.
  2. Rev Indicator Lights

    Currently I have a 2017 Civic Si Coupe and use rev indicator ligths quite frequently. Unfortunately for the 11th Gen Si owners in the US, they completely eliminated them. However they were included in Canada’s Si’s, along with a host of other features that escaped the US market. Never owning...
  3. 19” Wheel Options

    With the videos and pics I’ve seen, it looks like they might be offering 2 different 19” wheel options. 1. Dark grey 2. Silver/ black Wonder what the availability will be for those? Thoughts?