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  1. Rear AC vents part kit from 2022 Civic

    Genius. I need to remember this.... Thanks for posting.
  2. [Photos Added!] Integras displayed @ North Texas Auto Show (3/17 - 3/20). Majestic Black, Liquid Carbon & Red Interiors. A-Spec Tech

    My guess is YES - LIquid Carbon. If I remember correctly, the Lunar Silver is only available in BLACK interior. So, if its RED interior, it must be LIquid Carbon.
  3. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    the old integras had very sloped hatches, and believe me... they needed the wiper.
  4. Base Model 17" wheel?

    exactly my thoughts!
  5. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    Here's another walkaround intro from Road Show. The interesting thing is it appears that they've used a different lens than others like Redline Reviews. LIke real estate, the wide angle lense makes things look larger, sportier. RoadShow - flat and it gives a different and probably more...
  6. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    Has anyone else looked at this pic and thought this might be the base Integra? What I'm not seeing is foglights and it does have different wheels than I saw on the two A-Spec trims shown on the Redline Review vid.
  7. CVT for 2023 Integra !?

    We have four Honda/Acura vehicles - so we have a drive-by-wire AT example in the garage without a CVT sitting next to that 2018 CRV. I don't agree that its the drive-by-wire accelerator system, even though that does have a small delay built in that isn't associated with the ECO mode.
  8. Pre-ordering the Type-S for 3/10?

    Decided not to. Good luck all.
  9. CVT for 2023 Integra !?

    Not sure if you own a Honda CVT vehicle. We do - a CRV. You're right: its got smooth operation, good FE. But, its also non linear in acceleration relative to pedal travel, and is largely soulless. Luckily my spouse drives it and thinks its great. I wouldn't buy a Integra with one if this...
  10. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    Have you considered trying to contact Andrew on TOV (ID: Honda AFVM) ? He's in Acura sales in the Cleveland OH area and says he is currently keeping new sales at MSRP. I think his dealership is Motorcars Acura - Bedford OH.
  11. New Acura Integra Prototype Revealed! Priced ~$30,000, 1.5L VTEC Turbo

    Well....that's a bit of a let-down (I'll probably use Penske). I'm just going to throw this out there because I've moved for work and had four different Acura dealers in my owner's experience. One was just a purchase and was fine - I moved right after. One was really great for Sales & Service...
  12. Even better looks @ 2023 Integra Prototype interior

    Totally agree that TOV has largely been reduced to the same dozen or so people squabbling like children. I think some of them live in a bubble and arguing is their only outlet. BUT - I will say this. There are some posters there that have real hashed-out discussions on product... enough so...
  13. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    That's a great catch - using Penske. Just gonna throw this up here for anyone else thinking about using the reservation system on Mar 10. Looks like they have locations in... Scottsdale AZ Escondido CA Kearny Mesa CA Los Gatos CA Fayetteville AR Turnersville NJ Not much here in the fly-over...
  14. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    Interesting because I don't think Honda did that for the Civic's intro - a dealer wait list isn't the same as this online direct reservation/deposit system. Yes, Acura is a premium marque. I'm just wondering if Acura is trying to gauge demand after such a poor intro for the prototype. Does...
  15. Has anyone seen any Clues drop?

    It was on the Facebook 2022+ Acura Integra Owners and Ethusiast Group page posting. A couple of Honda Mfg guys from Marysville were briefed on the new Integra being produced at their site. Employees are being asked to bring in their old Integras for a commercial shooting in late March/Early...
  16. Has anyone seen any Clues drop?

    YES!! Thanks, Random... you found it. From TFL Car - This Honda Civic Hatchback Costs More Than The FASTER Si — Is It Worth The Extra Cash? at about 5:05 min in
  17. Has anyone seen any Clues drop?

    What's your take on the performance levels being Si-like? Two things stood out to me recently (caution - wild speculation ahead!): Hondata and others seeing more available HP than Honda is claiming with the Si's 1.5t; and I watched a vid review of the Si where there was a pieced-in segment from...
  18. Has anyone seen any Clues drop?

    Hey, Tiger... you said the Integra has been in dev for 6 yrs. Was that a type-o?