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  1. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Yep, me too…… I called so many different states like Indiana, Arizona, cali, and Pennsylvania….. all of the 6sp HB were being marked up to at least 38k before fees…… I’m so glad I didn’t cave and my Acura dealer doesn’t mark up their vehicles
  2. 2023 Integra Production Officially Kicks Off at Marysville Auto Plant! [Video Added]

    Just received an email this morning with a build date of June 21-25 with a delivery date ~14 days after its built! For reference i ordered a 6sp manual tech pack black/black and was confirmed first 500. Hope this helps give some of you a point of reference
  3. Official MAJESTIC BLACK PEARL Integra Club & Photos

    Mastadon! IYKYK ordered a 6sp A spec Tech pack black/black i cant freakin wait!!! going to black out the emblems and ninja TF outta this whip
  4. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    it doesnt make sense to me that 70% of the preorders were reported to be 6MT early on, and yet they still decide to prioritize the CVT despite the # of 6MT reservations.
  5. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    I was one of the first 500 and ordered a 6MT black/black a spec tech. Texted my dealer today and got the following response verbatim: "Good morning! As of right now, we do not have yours scheduled in the queue. It appears Acura is building a number of the CVT's first. The manuals are not...
  6. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    I've claimed my NFT but im not seeing the golden acura on opensea, its just an image that says "Integra NFT" and "content not available yet" Am I missing a step to acutally be able to see the NFT?