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  1. 2023 Integra Test Drive Impressions, Reviews, Photos

    It's nice to see that they're finally rolling into the dealerships. These are by far the best black interior pics I've seen on a A-Spec. The seats look to have nice white contrast stitching and the black microfiber looks good too. Thanks for the updates!
  2. Integra media first drives are starting today in Austin!

    I find it bit strange that the majority of the media events have the 19” wheels mounted on it. And to me, look far better than the factory18”s. What about the age old adage, “Always put your best foot forward.” Ideally, they should’ve just come equipped with the19”s from the get go. I guess...
  3. Curb Weight of Integra A-Spec w/ Tech: 3,073 lbs (manual) and 3,150 lbs (CVT)! [OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED]

    Bummer, Home Link isn't listed as an option even on the A-Spec Tech Pkg. A bit of a shame as the CivicTouring & Sport Touring comes equipped with this feature.
  4. Ambient Lighting

    I haven’t seen much discussion regarding the LED ambient lighting. Obviously it won’t compare with the likes of the TLX or MDX, but a nice premium touch nonetheless. That said, one unfortunate missing item seems to be wireless garage door controls.
  5. Placing Orders

    Here’s a follow up from my local dealership after inquiring about forum members mentioning they had received build numbers. “Right now the only production dates I can see for Integra models are the ones that were allocated to us from the factory and not customer pre-orders.” Humm… Patiently...
  6. 19” Wheel Options

    So then the question is, what's the best place to sell the factory set that came with the car? I asked my dealer if it was possible to give them back for a credit. He said unfortunately not. I would have to take possession and sell them on my own.
  7. Placing Orders

    I just received this email from my local Acura dealer after inquiring about markups and accessory availability. Prior to this correspondence, I had placed the $500 reservation fee a couple of weeks ago. “Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town for a training class. I believe all accessory...
  8. Rev Indicator Lights

    Currently I have a 2017 Civic Si Coupe and use rev indicator ligths quite frequently. Unfortunately for the 11th Gen Si owners in the US, they completely eliminated them. However they were included in Canada’s Si’s, along with a host of other features that escaped the US market. Never owning...
  9. 19” Wheel Options

    Nice detailed pics. With tires, probably looking at close to Thanks for the nice pics! Not knowing the tire width, I’m assuming a decent 19” 235 or 245 will run around $300 ea.
  10. 19” Wheel Options

    Cost wise, I’ll suck it up and pay it. Just not feeling the 18’s. The 19’s are a similar pattern to my 2017 Si, which I like. Let the price gouging commence! The added weight, I think it would be nominal and worth it, for a better look.
  11. 19” Wheel Options

    With the videos and pics I’ve seen, it looks like they might be offering 2 different 19” wheel options. 1. Dark grey 2. Silver/ black Wonder what the availability will be for those? Thoughts?