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  1. Official LIQUID CARBON Integra Club & Photos

    Looks like it's been an even drier spring in Austin than here in Dallas!😬
  2. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Last yr the US produced 20% of the world's Oil supply/day. Russia 11%.
  3. Curb Weight of Integra A-Spec w/ Tech: 3,073 lbs (manual) and 3,150 lbs (CVT)! [OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED]

    Maybe Admins should wait until info is verified before posting.
  4. Kia K5 GT (w/GT1 package)

    Good point. Some could question resale on a manual Integra. In my case, like yours, I plan to keep a decade or more hopefully.
  5. Kia K5 GT (w/GT1 package)

    Resale values?
  6. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    I have seen both the SI and two Integra in person. Unfortunately it wasn't side by side or even the same day but IMHO while both are handsome the Teg looks more upscale both inside and out. That along with all the other additional features the Teg has I have no problem justifying the additional...
  7. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    Cool, hope they have one soon so we can know for sure.
  8. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    Did u ask them if they got a VIN?
  9. GTI

    Newsweek, not exactly a good source for automotive information.
  10. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    3 is base price I assume and 4 is with delivery?
  11. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    My Fort Worth dealer has a stellar reputation and a week ago said my Carbon 6MT had a build date of last week of May. Now anything can change....
  12. Trailer Hitch?

    Any reason not to think the class 1 hitches that fit the 20+ Civic will work on the Integra? I'd hate to have to use a trunk or roof rack to haul bicycles.
  13. GTI

    Enthusiasts hate the Integra, a car they or journalists have never driven while loving the Civic SI?
  14. 19” Wheel Options

    I'll take one as a backup. Lol You probably won't get much from Wheels America for the set.
  15. Acura Released Build Dates For 2023 Integra !!!

    Called my dealer just now and they said mine has a build date of 5/21-6/4 and hopefully arrives around July 4th. God bless America!
  16. Placing Orders

    Other sources have said the Integra is being built on the same line as the TLX in Marysville and while the ILX has also been produced there since 2015 would they cease production of the ILX this early into 2022, it's final year? Retooling of course takes time....
  17. World Rally Blue Pearl 2022 Subaru BRZ Limited 6-Speed Manual vs Liquid Carbon Metalic / Red 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec Tech 6-Speed Manual - Help!!

    I'd be surprised if it gets close to 30mpg combined EPA. This Corolla is really not a sensible comparison with the teg at this point. Totally different animals serving differing purposes for each auto maker.
  18. 19” Wheel Options

    Oh, and how could I forget the increased cost for the option too. Being a dealer installed option is there the potential for ADM?