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  1. Official PLATINUM WHITE Integra Club & Photos

    I have not seen it live yet, on any vehicle that I recall. Looks fire with the subtle flake in those pics. I am so glad I decided to stay with this color on my reservation!
  2. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Aka this picture, which is I think from the 2022 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach!?? Torture!
  3. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Great point, and yes I would consider it a 'deal' to drive this car off the lot paying MSRP (plus tax/tag/title, destination fee, and my "premium paint deposit" I gave them on March 10 <wink>). I am just concerned that they might try some Dealership nonsense because they think I won't walk...
  4. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    Update: Dealer called me and is now confirming that Acura allocated my White/Red interior car to their dealership after all. He will follow up with a delivery date soon, and hopefully a VIN. I am struggling a bit to keep a "disinterested" tone, as when he told me that on the phone I was kind of...
  5. 2023 Integra Production Officially Kicks Off at Marysville Auto Plant! [Video Added]

    That's it. After watching this video, Platinum White Pearl or nothing for me! My dealer offered a black on black instead, despite my reservation being the white. I called them back and said "no thanks!"
  6. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    My dealer called me today also, must have been an end-of-month info dump or something from Acura. Told me several things of interest, and I wrote a lot but here is the tl/dr version: Offered me a Black w/ Black interior now, for June delivery, over my reservation car White w/Red interior later...
  7. Base 2023 Integra walk around video

    That same Youtube channel has a black A-Spec walk-around also, I think at the same event. Fire.
  8. Rev Indicator Lights

    Coming from the old school 1990's manual Integras, what is this Rev Indicator light you speak of? <wink>
  9. 2023 Integra Exhaust Rev Sounds [First Look @ Performance Red Pearl Integra]

    That's what I'm talking about. Way to commit! I will be hyped to see what you chose, and also what aftermarket parts selection 27WON will have for the pending 5th Gen Integra in coming days!
  10. 19” Wheel Options

    If that's the anticipated cost point, I will probably explore options in the aftermarket world of lightweight 19" wheels and get a set for less $$$ that I determine complements my car well. Get out the pitchforks and flame-throwers, everybody!! LOL
  11. Placing Orders

    Talked to two dealerships in my area today for an update, and got generally the same story. Not sure if this is just for dealerships in my region, but they said that Acura is shipping each dealership one car as a demo vehicle to start. Dealer nearest me is getting the Platinum White Pearl A-Spec...
  12. First Look at 2023 Integra A-spec by Raiti’s Rides

    I'll look forward to a time in the future where (tasteful) mods like a TLX A Spec steering wheel swap, hood strut install, and de-badging tutorials will be part of the new 5th Gen Integra owner enthusiast community. This was one of my favorite aspects of the 2nd Gen Integra community.
  13. 2023 Integra Exhaust Rev Sounds [First Look @ Performance Red Pearl Integra]

    I think the black strips are dealer installed skirts. The guys here mentioned them, I think... So far the only things I would actually consider are the 19" wheels (video mentions them in a matte black) and I like the rear spoiler look, but neither may be worth the money at this point. The...
  14. Acura Launches Integra NFT Virtual Showroom in the Metaverse

    This seems like the correct Thread to post discussions and Q & A about the Acura NFT (March 2022 - ??). I noticed a question from another forum member @RRP RSX-S about " Someone is stealing the NFT’s per a Facebook post in the integra group. How is that possible? Wouldn’t they need the 12...
  15. Cleaning and Maintaining The Seats

    I've been considering this recently, and another discussion in a thread on this site, about the red faux leather interior being effected over time by passengers wearing blue jeans? I have not heard of this, and I think that poster said that jeans wearers can turn the red seats purple or...
  16. [Photos Added!] Integras displayed @ North Texas Auto Show (3/17 - 3/20). Majestic Black, Liquid Carbon & Red Interiors. A-Spec Tech

    Sitting behind a DA9 in the drive up this morning, all the feels. This was a '92 if I am correct...
  17. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

  18. Acura of Decentraland - Virtual Showroom tour

    This is a really novel and unique marketing idea, in my opinion, so I was curious and went in to check it out. For those who were not able to go in and investigate on Day 1 (today, March 22, 2022), here's what it looked like. [Sorry for the fairly crappy audio and video. I blame part of that on...
  19. Acura Launches Integra NFT Virtual Showroom in the Metaverse

    Kinda nerding out, but I was also curious... there are NFT badges available here if you visit. Just sayin...