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  1. Curb Weight of Integra A-Spec w/ Tech: 3,073 lbs (manual) and 3,150 lbs (CVT)! [OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED]

    Update posted by @Leehro https://www.acurainfocenter.com/vehicle-info/2023-integra/model-guide/specifications-and-features. Download the PDF: https://assets.acurainfocenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/28212331/MY23_INTEGRA_AIC_SPECIFICATIONS_AND_FEATURES_v3_0.pdf Confirms the weight...
  2. Individual tire pressure readings!

    Something that I don’t think has been mentioned here is that the Integra seems to have individual tire pressure readings that can be called up in the dash! No Civic has that and competitors with it are hilariously over priced!