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  1. Idle Stop Disable

    Great that you won't have to press the idle stop button every time.
  2. Lunar Silver

    Screenshots from this Acura video Doesn't pop on an overcast day but in sunlight it sure will.
  3. Base Model 17" wheel?

    Someone commented that this photo shows the base Integra with 17" wheels. I downloaded the high resolution version of this photo from the Acura Pressroom and zoomed: Not bad. Would look good with Lunar Silver.
  4. Why I prefer the Integra over the Civics

    1. Better looking from every angle 2. Better ride 3. More features 4. More luxury interior 4. More and better color choices 5. Won't see one on every corner
  5. Perspective on the Integra from Hemmings

  6. Best looking liftbacks -More Integra hate

  7. Why the Integra had to be a five-door (not for lack of trying) says Acura head

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/amp38320712/new-acura-integra-five-door-only/ Why the New Acura Integra Had to Be a Five-Door Acura wanted a new Integra coupe, but it just wasn't possible. By Chris Perkins Nov 22, 2021 The new Acura Integra is the most divisive car to launch in recent...
  8. Straight Pipes diss the new Integra design

    In their review of the new GTI, they showed pics of competitors including the Si, WRX and "Integra" (photoshopped Honda Crosstour.) ???
  9. 2023 Integra In-Person Walkaround and Overview Video by Edmunds

    I like both Civic sedan and hatchback in profile view. But for me the Integra looks the best. Actually it looks the best from every angle.