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  1. Base 2023 Integra walk around video

    Yea Idk why they didn't put the 9 inch screen in the base Integra considering the ST and the Si have it. Tbh I feel Honda should put the screen on the EX-L/EX models if the Civic.
  2. Ambient Lighting

    I think in one of the reviews it said it changes with the drive modes. Considering that's 3 drive modes plus individual mode there may be only 4 different colors. Still very limited
  3. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    I wonder how they tuned the Integras without adaptive suspension. From what I hear the Si's are pretty stiff and in not sure if that's something you want for a premium vehicle
  4. Official: 2023 Acura Integra Full Pricing & Availability (June 2022) Released!

    I thought this was a pretty decent interview with Johnathan Rivers.
  5. We expecting something at the Long Beach GP?

    How were the materials and quality compared to the Civic?
  6. Doug DeMuro's First Look at New Integra

    I wish in the 23 minutes of this video Doug took the time to show the HUD I was interested in the functionality and features of it
  7. 2023 Integra Exhaust Rev Sounds [First Look @ Performance Red Pearl Integra]

    That's good to hear! I didn't know they would be doing reviews this early. I remember on redline review's video he said it would be mid May before he drove it. Maybe this video won't have driving impressions?
  8. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    Personally it reminds me of an updated Mazdaspeed3 I absolutely love the look of it.
  9. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    Not necessarily. With the core you can option in most of the stuff you'd get in the Circuit "Core Grade is available with the following packages: Performance package: Includes front and rear Torsen Limited Slip Differentials (LSD). Technology package: Includes Premium Audio with Dynamic...
  10. Toyota GR Corolla

    Some more pictures plus a link to the GR Corolla fourms where I got them https://www.grcorollaforum.com/threads/holy-crap-i-think-i-found-the-actual-photo-spoiler-alert.211/
  11. Toyota GR Corolla

    Just from looking at the exterior photos and reading the specs it seems that Toyota nailed it and exceeded my expectations. I'm very curious to see what the price will be
  12. 2023 Acura Integra Revealed + Full Specs + NFT Limited Edition - Reservations Open Today (3/10)!

    A couple first thoughts. The exterior looks way better now that we've seen it in different colors and the A spec. I actually looks good. I was honestly not digging it before. I still think similarly of the interior. I do like the 16 speaker els and Ambient lighting they included. I still wish it...
  13. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    I'd say that this forum is a way to escape from the real world and focus on cars which I assume all of us here love. In keeping the discussion about cars, Acura has revealed the car in November. They will be taking people's money tommorow yet we know zero concrete information about it other than...
  14. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    From these reddit post it seems that the sales reps still know little about the car.
  15. CVT for 2023 Integra !?

    I think this is one of the lower end designs Mazda has released in a while in my opinion. I think the CX-50 and updated CX-5 are a little better looking. The side profile is a little wierd to me too. Its definitely not bad. Just not my favorite
  16. CVT for 2023 Integra !?

    Thinking about it there can be a practical use for them. Alfa Romeo is including an NFT on every new Tonale. It can be used to track service records, mileage, accident history ect. Nothing that the car or a Carfax report can't already tell you but it's more useful than what they seem to be doing...
  17. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    From a different perspective you can argue that their marketing actually worked in a way. They did an excellent job of hyping this up. Showing the generations of manual Integras. Jon Ikeda's quotes. The anime series where the Integra was teased. If this was called an ILX would we still be here...
  18. Integra reservations opening March 10th!!!

    It would be cool if they pulled a Sonic the Hedgehog and #fixtheintegra before the full reveal. I doubt it though just due to development costs and time to certify things