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  1. Why you’re wrong to hate the new Integra

    They should have done like they did with the Si reveal. Put a 1st gen 5 door next to it on the floor.
  2. New Acura Integra Prototype Revealed! Priced ~$30,000, 1.5L VTEC Turbo

    201HP 34k entry price 3,350lbs 255HP 35.7K entry 3,519lbs 221HP 38K entry price 3,505lbs 188HP 33K entry 3,300lbs 237HP 37.5K entry 3,455lbs Yeah, the 200HP base Integra for thousands less than all of those is price and a couple hundreds pounds less in weight, its going to do just fine with its...
  3. New Acura Integra Prototype Revealed! Priced ~$30,000, 1.5L VTEC Turbo

    You sound like the only things you find to be acceptable are something like the GT86 or Miata... so why not get those? You're going to have a hard time finding many things smaller that a Civic that's actually fun to drive. Even then I DARE you tell me what you do that you can even TELL you have...
  4. Random Thought... CRX reboot

    If Honda decided to get 'nostalgic" and bring back the CRX there could be a chance at that platform also being used for a Integra coupe. They do have the smaller HR-V's platform. Just some Shower Thoughts.
  5. Has anyone seen any Clues drop?

    I am hoping that as the base is a upscaled Civic Si + Touring and that so many have been asking for a "Touring" Civic Type-R that this means the Type-S will be essentially a CTR + comfortable interior.